Use Galvanized Carbon Steel or Stainless-Steel Wire Ropes

Wire ropes are considered a machine. Ropes have specialized configurations that endow final parts with heightened characteristics that are designed to complete specific tasks. Each type of rope performs differently when used, so it is important not to use ropes interchangeably. You need the right wire rope for the job.Wire Rope

Two of the most used materials for creating ropes include stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel:

  • Stainless steel wire ropes should be used when corrosion is a major factor. The material is not cheap, but its working ability often makes the material a worthy choice regardless of the cost. Not only is stainless steel wire rope high resistance to corrosion it is also incredibly strong. Stainless steel has many advantages over other material options.
  • Galvanized carbon steel is like stainless steel wire rope; however, it is not as strong or corrosion-resistant. A thin layer of zinc is added to these ropes to add extra protection from corrosion.

When selecting a wire rope and nylon sling for your specific application, you need to take the time to ensure you get the right ropes. All choices need to be made after correctly estimating the rope abilities you need. All ropes should meet these four requirements:

  1. A rope must be able to withstand crushing and distorting under normal use
  2. A rope needs to bend without the risk of failure adequately
  3. A rope needs to be strong enough to lift maximum loads comfortably
  4. A rope must withstand abrasive wear

Wire Rope