The Most Important Things to Know About OSHA Inspections

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What are you doing to ensure the highest levels of safety on the job? Industries that utilize fall protection gear need to know about OSHA standards and always follow them completely. The biggest cause of accidents that relate to falls is the result of human error. Taking the time to learn about important regulations ensures that your business keeps moving and your employees remain safe. If you use wire rope NY, fall protection should be an important aspect of daily operations.

What gear is included in OSHA fall protection regulations?

A fall protection system is a group of assemblies designed to keep people safe when climbing to great heights. OSHA breaks down equipment into three categories, which include:

· Harnesses

· Lanyards

· Retractable Devices

You need to know what gear you use before reviewing OSHA regulations, but each type has slightly different regulations.

Who should oversee equipment inspections?

OSHA uses the term “competent person,” which means a highly trained person. A company designates this person to go for training and become certified, and they should then be the only person to perform inspections. According to OSHA 29 CFR 1926.32(f), a competent person can identify predictable and existing hazards in working/surrounding conditions that may be hazardous, unsanitary, and dangerous to employees. This person must have authorization from a boss/manager to take quick action and eliminate dangerous conditions.

How often should fall protection be inspected?

Your employees should take the time to inspect fall protection both before and after each use. These inspections can be done visually, but a more in-depth and hands-on inspection must be completed by a “Competent Person” once a year.  For more information on Fall Safety and the best wire ropes NY has to offer, you should not hesitate to give us a call. 

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