Rigging Supplies, Common Rigging Hardware

It is important to know what you are looking for when purchasing rigging supplies. The amount of options available for purchase can sometimes be overwhelming. Although different companies sell different products, there are main types of rigging supplies. Knowing the difference between the types can help to ensure you get the proper products.

An eye bolt has a loop at one end, and they are used to secure wire ropes or cables. These bolts are made in two different ways: bending and forging. Bent eye construction is only applicable for light duty applications. If stressed, they can bend in the opposite direction. Forged eye constructions are suitable for heavy and high loads. These bolts can handle tensile strengths of the materials they are made from. Eye bolts come in different types. This includes shoulder eye bolts, straight eyebolts, and screw eyebolts.

Rigging hooks can withstand working loads up to 60 Tons. They come in various designs, capacities, and strengths. Modern rigging hook types are heavy-duty Eye Sling hooks and Swivel eye hooks. Rigging hooks are available in both Carbon and Alloy Steel.

Wire rope is used for rigging, as well as mooring and lifting. Wire rope is made from stainless steel and Carbon Steel. Galvanized Wire Rope is also available. Many accessories exist for wire rope including, thimbles, sleeves, stops, hooks and shackles, or Wire rope can be made in to Wire rope slings.

Stainless steel nuts are only needed for certain rigging applications. Hex nuts are the most common type bolt on the market.

Getting the right gear helps keep workers safe, equipment operational, and employees on task.

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