How to Get the Best Crane Wire Rope

Wire RopeWhen choosing wire rope, there are many factors to consider. When the rope is for lifting applications, you always consider the weight of the object being lifted. The environment and the working radius are also essential aspects to consider. When choosing wire rope, you should go over each distinct quality before deciding.

  • Strength – When dealing with heavy lifting loads, durability is a crucial quality for wire rope. The strength of wire rope is typically measured in tons of two thousand pounds. The breaking strength is defined by nominal (catalog) strength or minimum breaking force (MBF). A wire rope must never be used at the minimum breaking force.
  • Rotation Resistance – During rotation, the wires and strands in the rope will try to straighten out, which may cause torque throughout the rope. The best way to reduce torque is to use rotation-resistant ropes.
  • Fatigue Resistance – Wire ropes are designed to resist fatigue, allowing them to withstand excessive flexing without breaking. Many factors will determine how much flexing a wire rope can endure, such as the severity of stress, size of the wire, and ambient temperature.
  • Crushing Resistance – External pressure can directly affect the rope’s strands, core, and cross-section shape by distorting the rope. This issue can reduce the rope’s breaking strength and diameter. The size and type of wire and the number of wires per strand all help to provide crushing resistance. 

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