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Wire rope is a variation of a cable that is comprised of strands of metal and wire that are twisted into a helix.

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Since the early 1980’s, our expertise with wire rope has gone virtually unmatched. Our very own in-house wire rope brand, Bilco Wire and Supply, boasts over 30 years of industry experience.


The increasing demand for higher breaking strength, greater flexibility, better rotation resistance and extended rope life cannot be met by general rope constructions. The discrepancy between expectation and operating “reality” has led to the development of High Performance wire rope constructions.


When Kellems invented the strain relief mesh grip it marked what would become a specialty; products that manage wire. Through the years they’ve introduced a wide variety of devices which serve that common purpose.

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  • Design of Wire Rope

    Wire ropes are comprised of independent wires that are wrapped around a core. Engineers, who create wire rope, design wire ropes with different grades of steel, finishes, and resistances in to attain the most durable and sturdy wire.
  • How do Wire Ropes Work?

    All wire ropes consist of multiple strands of wire twisted around a core made from fibers or independent wire rope. A fiber core (FC) provides users with extra elasticity to the rope.
  • Choosing Wire Rope

    Wire rope is frequently used because of the many advantages it provides its users. Wire ropes are designed to meet specific functions while maintaining a lifespan that far exceeds fiber wound rope.
  • How to Get the Best Crane Wire Rope

    When choosing wire rope, there are many factors to consider. When the rope is for lifting applications, you always consider the weight of the object being lifted. We can help with all your wire rope NY needs and help you find the best crane wire rope for your applications.
  • Storing Wire Ropes

    When you purchase wire ropes, make sure that they are stored properly. When you first receive your product, examine the rope and make sure it is in accordance with the certificates and other relevant documents.