Importance of checking rigging supplies

There are several different reasons why a rigging system and supplies might break or fail. Because of the inherent issues with rigging and safety, inspecting entire systems is vitally important. Diligent inspections can mean the difference between consistent business and unsafe conditions. When examining systems, it is important to keep four things in mind. These four things will remind you why rigging inspections matter:rigging supplies

  1. Visual evaluations are simple. Make a checklist of all elements of wear and tear, and then carefully go through the list. Any explicit or visible signs of damage must be dealt with immediately.
  2. Safety inspectors should give supplies and systems periodic inspections. Professionals can help figure out safety elements and which might be missing. Outside help will help to fix lifting equipment.
  3. OSHA inspections should not be skipped. OSHA inspections should be done after installation to ensure that your workplace and elements are up to code. All rigging should be OSHA complaint, and so getting this inspection will ensure your systems are in proper order.
  4. Document all inspections and keep those documents available. When fixing parts, it is easier to do so when the system’s history is known.

Wire Rope

All this matters because of a singular end goal: safety. Going through inspections is the only way to guarantee high levels of protection to workers, others, and your business. Call us today for wire rope, nylon slings, vrope, and other rigging supplies


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