Inspecting Overhead Hoists

Overhead hoists are found across a wide berth of industries. These devices are typically constructed with wire rope or cable and are essential rigging supplies that help workers lift extraordinarily heavy goods. Hoists are also key elements in a production line and are used to load heavy materials and transport finished projects. They can be operated by hand or with mechanical assistance. Like all industrial machinery, overhead hoists can fail if they are not adequately maintained. Due to the hazardous environment of the job, it is important to provide preventative maintenance and to inspect overhead hoists and crane wire rope. Initial inspections allow you to mitigate potential dangerous accidents.

OSHA delineates the types of inspections and testing that should be regularly applied to overhead hoists. Some of the things that inspectors look for are:
• Maladjustments and unusual sounds
• Proper hoist breaking
• Hooks and latches in agreement with regulation
• Load chain is in accordance with regulation
• Evidence of worn, corroded, degraded, or distorted parts such as the crane wire rope, wheels, chain ----attachments, gears, pins, bearings, and more.
• Damage to Hooks, collars, pins, welds or rivets that secure the retaining numbers
• Excessive wear of sprockets

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