What are the Most Important Pieces of Wire Rope Rigging Hardware

Wire rope

Wire rope is a versatile tool used in many industries and various applications. Some of the many applications that utilize wire rope are cranes, dredge cranes and hoists. Wire rope hardware is an important aspect as they are used to create an attachment point connecting the rope to additional rigging equipment.

Wire Rope Sleeves

These sleeves are swage fittings that form loops in the wire rope. Made of Carbon Steel, Stainless steel or aluminum, wire rope sleeves come in various sizes to fit ropes of varying dimensions. Common terms used for these sleeves are crimp sleeves, cable crimps, swage sleeves, or ferrules.

Fist Grip Clips

If you are familiar with U-bolt wire rope clips, you'll understand how to use this hardware. While fist grip clips are similar in use to U-bolt wire rope clips, there are certain advantages. You need fewer fist grip clips for lap splices. Additionally, these clips are easier to install because it's impossible to position the dead and live ends of the rope incorrectly.

Wire Rope Clips

These clips are commonly referred to as U-bolt cable clips or single-saddle rope clips. While wire rope sleeves are permanent, these clips are a great alternative because they're removable. The saddle must be positioned against the live end when using these clips.

When using crane wire rope hardware, safety should be the first priority. If the hardware is not used properly, the strength of your rope is compromised. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions and best practices to ensure the safety and longevity of your rigging equipment. A trained team member should regularly inspect all rigging hardware for signs of damage. 

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