Get the right Rigging Supplies

There are many ways to go about ensuring the safety of workers and the loads you are lifting, but there is one thing that is more important than all else: you need the right rigging equipment for the job and your machines. Using the correct tools and machines allows you to avoid risks associated with lifting heavy-loads with hoists or cranes.

Using the wrong equipment will not only slow down business and production, but could cause serious injury. Using wire crane rope that is not strong enough could potentially fail. If you are lifting items that are too heavy for your machine you can damage the machine or the product being lifted. Overusing systems in this manner will also cause them to break more frequently, which will cost time and money.

More importantly than running the risk of machines breaking, you run the risk of hurting your employees. Picking rigging equipment haphazardly could potentially cause serious harm (even death) to employees. According to the United States Board of Labor, they claim that an average of 42 deaths a year occur as a result of crane and wire rope accidents. Most of the accidents were a result of human error (roughly 90%), but that means that 10% were mechanical issues. Purchasing the proper rigging equipment can help you and your company substantially minimize the 10% chance of mechanical failure.

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