Safety and Rigging Hardware

There is inherent danger when working with rigging supplies and equipment. It is important to do all you can to maintain the well-being of your machines, so that your employees stay healthy. Operating rigging equipment haphazardly is a sure way to create dangerous situations for workers, equipment’s, and materials. All machines and equipment come with user-manuals and it is important to read them in entirety. After reading the manual, there is still more you can do, and it is important to make sure you follow through.

First, you must always keep an eye on weather. If you are operating in an outdoor or semi-outdoor environment, weather can be a big factor. Inclement weather, such as high winds, can not only make it hard to use your equipment but it can also make it dangerous. Even if you have a deadline, you should wait out bad weather.

Only let authorized personnel use rigging equipment and supplies. Using wire rope slings can be difficult, and so it requires training and practice. Trust people who are trained to handle the gear.

Lastly, you must inspect, inspect, and inspect. Never trust that your gear is working because a false sense of security can get people injured. Before using your gear, it is important to inspect every aspect. This is will add time to your work, but it will ensure that you are able to work safely and effectively.

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