Taking care of Wire Rope

Wire rope is a twisted conglomerate of steel drawn wires that it comprised of a core, strands, and wire. These industrial ropes are used in many different sectors and industries, but are most commonly found in construction. Although wire rope is strong and durable, it has the tendency to deteriorate over time.  It is important to properly maintain the condition of wire rope, in order to increase the longevity of the material, and mitigate occurrences of physical harm to humans or property.

 wire ropeWhenever a length of wire rope is unloaded, it is important to never drop the reel or coil. This can damage the rope or collapse the reel.  It is incredibly difficult to remove the rope if the reel is bent or warped.  When unreeling a reel, it is important to nullify all kinks and deformities that are present in the length of rope. These anomalies will make the rope weaker over time.

All wire rope should be stored in a well-ventilated, environmentally regulated, dry building and should never come into direct contact with the floor. Excessive moisture will cause the wire rope to corrode and deteriorate over time.

Wire Rope

If you are interested in learning more about steel wire rope, contact a local expert for additional information.

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